Beatsyncing With Mixxx

Mixxx is one of the most popular DJ mixing programs for Ubuntu (Linux), but also works on Windows, macOS. It is very similar to other DJing software like Traktor or Serato, but when it comes to beatsyncing Mixxx has some special features.

You can enable automatic beatsyncing by pressing and holding the 'SYNC' button on all decks. This way both the BPM and the beatgrid will be adjusted between the tracks.

For most part the automatic sync will work correctly with BPM, but with Mixxx you can also change the beatgrid position, let's say to make the beat start on the kick-drum. For this you will have to move the track's waveform to adjust the starting point and then click on the 'Adjust Beatgrid' button ('||||').

Ubuntu sound card listing

On top of that you can disable 'Quantize' by clicking on the button that looks like a magnet (see the picture above). Now once you click on the deck's play button, the playback will start immediately from that point onwards ignoring the beatgrid.

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