First Impressions Of LMMS

A while back I started looking for an open-source free music production software for Windows that would allow me to build loops from audio samples, compose the structure of songs and edit the effect automations.

While LMMS doesn't have analogue Audio In/Out or Midi In/Out support, it does allow USB Midi Controller connectivity and offers a wide range of VST plugins.

Ubuntu sound card listing

To start sampling with LMMS you will need to add the 'AudioFileProcessor' plugin from 'Instrument Plugins' on the left panel of the programme to the 'Song-Editor', which you can access via the main menu:

View > Song Editor (F5)

Now once you click on the title of the newly added plugin, the 'AudioFileProcessor' window will appear, where you will be able to add an audio sample, audio effects via the 'FX' tab and 'Edit song-global automation' by right-clicking on the desired tweaking knob.

Finally, you can go back to the 'Song-Editor' and click on the track's grid right from the 'AudioFileProcessor' plugin to create a loop, and then right-click on the loop to access the 'Open in piano roll' window, as you can see in the image above. The A note in the C4 octave will play the audio sample in its original pitch.

You can loop your song by clicking on 'Enable/disable loop-points' button from the top panel of the 'Song-Editor', and then adjust the loop points with a right-click on the song's numbered grid.

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