How To Make The Background Of An Image Transparent With GIMP

Removing the background from an image and making it transparent is useful in situations when you want to save your image in PNG or GIF formats and utilize it in different situations in web development or graphic design.

Accomplishing this task with GIMP is simple. Firstly you need to make sure that your image has an Alpha Transparency Channel:

Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel

Now you need a tool that will help you select the part of an image (in this case the background) that you want to make transparent:

Tools > Selection Tools > Fuzzy Select


Tools > Selection Tools > By Color Select

Here is an example of an image with background selected using Fuzzy Select Tool:

GIMP: Image Background Selected with Fuzzy Select Tool

You might as well need to expand your selection by a pixel or two to make sure that all of the background is being removed:

Select > Grow

Finally simply remove the background:

Edit > Cut

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