How To Disable Cache On Internet Browsers

Collecting internet cache is useful in situations like slow internet connections, but it also requires more hard disk space. Not to confuse with cookies, disabling internet cache will not affect your browsing functionalities like keeping you logged into different services.

Disable cache on Mozzila Firefox

In the web address bar type in and go to:


Once you click on 'I accept the risk' button, in the search bar look for 'cache' or specifically for these options:




By default the 'Value' of the options above is set to 'True' and with a double-click can be changed to 'False'.

Please note this will not affect the cookies.

You can also browse without caching by opening a 'New Private Window', but this will affect the functionalities related to cookies:

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > New Private Window

Disable cache on Google Chrome

The easiest way to disable cache on Google Chrome is by starting a 'New incognito window', but this will also affect the cookies:

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > New Incognito window

Disable cache on Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer)

In a similar way as in Google Chrome to disable cache altogether with cookies you can start a 'New InPrivate window':

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > New InPrivate window

Disable cache on Safari

Here is how you can start private browsing in Safari:

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > Private Browsing

Disable cache using Web Development Tools

You can disable browser cache using in-built web development tools.

| Mozzila Firefox:

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > Web Developer > Network > Enable 'Disable Cache'

| Google Chrome:

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > More Tools > Developer Tools > Network [Tab] > Enable 'Disable cache'

| Microsoft Edge:

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > Developer Tools > Network [Tab] > Enable 'Always refresh from server'

| Safari:

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > Preferences > Advanced > Enable 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'

Click on Menu button [top-right corner] > Show Menu Bar

Menu Bar > Develop > Disable Caches

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